Dasti Delivery | About us

about us

Dasti delivery is one of karachi leading courier delivery services. With a deep commitment to serving its customers across the length and breadth of the city, Forrun is a reliable, affordable, and quick package delivery company.Dasti values every customer it picks up from and delivers to. Providing a professional and on time service is important to us as well as maintaining both a friendly and professional relationship with our customers. Our COD service is one of our major strengths for it being the very best in the market. furthermore, our slogan " We Deliver Everything Dasti " ensures that we continuously strive to deliver seamlessly and delivery, even in case of any discrepancies or ambiguities.


what we do

This group has the best of the best brains from the industry on its advisory council to keep all the systems working towards the goal of continuous process improvement. Network supervision is carried out by all the hub center incharges with a well-planned, coordinated transport system of vans, buses, trains, and air couriers, inter connecting all destinations.

our history

This has only been possible by the dedication of our several hundred professionals who are trained to do the specified job with outstanding dedication. Dasti too was established in 2003 with an aim to serve the needs of millions of people across the nation, apart from the corporate world Services provided beyond customer expectations

our mission

Serving all our customers nationwide and internationally and meeting all their courier and logistical needs with the best possible service. With the intention to minimize delivery times and maximize customer satisfaction, Dasti is THERE FOR YOU! Dasti is a trusted and well-known name when it comes to courier delivery service packages.